Mold & Moisture

  • Mold is a living organism that produces tiny invisible spores in the air. When you breathe in the spores, you can experience health problems. Mold is almost everywhere, but you should try to avoid living where it grows.

    You probably do not need to test your home for mold. Looking for evidence of water damage and visible mold growth should be a first step. There are no standards for acceptable levels of mold. If you know you have mold, spend your time and resources getting rid of it and solving the moisture problem causing it.

    To rid your home of mold, keep everything dry. Mold needs moisture to grow. Quickly dry or throw away anything that has gotten wet. Fix plumbing leaks or other moisture problems. Consider purchasing a dehumidifier if one or more of the rooms in your home is damp.

    Look for mold in these common areas:

    • In bathrooms, especially around the shower or tub, and on the walls, ceiling, or floor
    • In wet or damp basements and crawl spaces
    • Around leaky bathroom and kitchen sinks
    • In attics under leaking roofs
    • On wet clothes that are not dried quickly
    • On windows and walls where condensation collects
    • In closets
    • Under wallpaper or carpet
    • In your air conditioner¬†¬†

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