Lead poisoning is a very serious health threat to children. Lead ingestion causes learning and behavioral problems, and can cause permanent damage to hearing and the nervous system.

Lead poses a particular risk to children because they often explore their environment with their mouths. They sometimes eat chips or dust of lead-based paint. Paint on your walls and window sills might contain lead. Drinking water sometimes contains lead from older water pipes. Old pottery and gasoline may also contain lead. Children who crawl on the floor, put toys in their mouths, or play in soil can be poisoned.

Children with lead poisoning may not feel or look sick. A blood test is the only way to know for sure. Ask your doctor.

Most lead-based products are now illegal; however, many older homes still have lead in them. The older your home, the more likely it is to contain lead-based products.

Test your home for lead, especially if you have small children.

Lead web links and contact information:

  • Lucas County Health Department (419) 213-4100, ext. 3
  • For a packet of materials or questions about lead, call the National Lead Information Center (800) 424-LEAD
  • For information on lead in drinking water, call the EPA Safe Drinking Water Hotline (800) 426-4791
  • Contact HUD about healthy homes and lead hazard control (800) HUDS-FHA