Resources for Landlords

The Ohio Landlord Tenant Act of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC Chapter 5321) clearly defines the rights and obligations of the landlord. This section offers resources for landlords to better understand the law and improve landlord-tenant relations. The information provided does not constitute legal advice and is intended for reference purposes only. For specific interpretation of the law, please seek legal counsel.

Rights and Responsibilities 
Under the law, a landlord has certain rights and responsibilities. This section provides an overview of the landlord's legal obligations and rights, including reasons a landlord can evict a tenant.

A landlord and tenant should inspect the property together before signing a lease agreement and the condition of the property should be put in writing upon move-in. Contained in this section is a sample "Move-in/Move-Out Inspection Checklist."

A lease agreement can be oral or written. However, a written lease is preferable to clearly establish the terms, conditions, rules and regulations for occupancy of the premises. An overview of what provisions should and should not be included in lease agreements is offered in this section.

An overview of the eviction process is provided with a “Do's and Don't's” list for landlords.

Security Deposits 
The procedure of refunding or withholding the security deposit when a tenant vacates is outlined in accordance with R.C. §5321.16.