Court Programs

The Toledo Municipal Court Housing and Environmental Division is committed to creating a safe and secure housing environment for all citizens residing in the Court's jurisdiction, including Toledo, Ottawa Hills and Washington Township.

First Offender's Program - The First Offender's Program of the Housing Division of the Toledo Municipal Court is designed to assist eligible and approved parties to correct the conditions at their property which has brought them before the Court. Participants who successfully complete the program will have their cases dismissed by the Court and will avoid a criminal conviction in the matter.

Mediation - Mediation is a process that brings together opposing sides in an attempt to resolve a dispute and reach a settlement, as an alternative to the formal court process. Mediations are facilitated by a trained mediator who remains a neutral third party.

Community Control - An assigned Housing Specialist meets with the defendant at the property where 30-day reporting periods are arranged. A compliance schedule for the clean up, board up, repair, demolition or marketing is developed with the defendant that itemizes each repair with a corresponding completion date. If the defendant fails to show constant effort or fails to report timely, the probation is considered violated.

For cases with offense dates occurring after January 1, 2004, Community Control rather than Monitored Probation will be imposed for those assigned to Housing Specialists. This change in language is in compliance with sections 2929.26, 2929.27 and 2929.28 of the Ohio Revised Code.