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COVID-19 Emergency Motion Form to Reschedule a Court Date

Emergency Motion to Expedite Hearing due to COVID-19


Face Coverings.  Face Coverings are required to enter the building.  They must cover your mouth and nose.  When you are in a Courtroom on the record, you will need to speak slowly and loudly to ensure that you can be understood.

Social Distancing.  We have indicated where people can sit, and where they can stand and move.  Please follow these guidelines. 

 Building Entry.  You must have a scheduled court date or appointment to enter the building.  All individuals are screened at the door.  Entry may take longer than normal because of this screening.  You may only enter the building a half hour before your scheduled court date or appointment.  You may not enter earlier.  Individuals with open or bench warrants may also enter the building to turn themselves in on the pending warrant.

Starting July 1, all scheduled matters are being heard, including traffic cases.  If you have a scheduled court date, you need to come to Court. 

If you have questions about when your court date is scheduled, please check your case on the Clerk of Court website at https://www.tmc-clerk.com/case-information/ or call the Court.

 If I don’t feel well, should I still come to Court?  If you do not feel well, please consider filing an Emergency Motion form.  This form is to request a continuance due to illness or quarantine can be found at https://www.tmc-clerk.com/media/1664/emergency-motion-to-reschedule-may-2020.pdf Please include any proof or documentation to support the motion with the fax or email.  Please check the clerk’s website to see the status of your motion or call the Clerk’s office. 


 Welcome to the Toledo Municipal Housing and Environmental Court website. This website was designed to assist you in understanding how the Housing Court functions and to provide helpful information regarding available resources. We have also included information regarding various operational departments within the city and the community.


The mission of the Toledo Municipal Housing and Environmental Court is to provide a fair and efficient forum for litigants involved in housing matters. The Housing and Environmental Court seeks to educate the community about housing issues and link homeowners with appropriate agencies in order to promote neighborhood health and safety in the City of Toledo.