Resources for Tenants

This section provides tenants with information to help them better understand their rights and responsibilities under the law. It is our hope that tenants will utilize the resources provided as a guide for better tenant-landlord relations. The information provided in this section does not constitute legal advice and is intended for reference purposes only. For specific interpretation of the law, or if you have doubts regarding your legal rights, please seek legal assistance.

Rights & Responsibilities

Under the law, a tenant has certain rights and responsibilities. Tenants are bound by lease agreements and laws which govern rental of residential property.

Rent Escrow Process

Tenants have the legal right to place their monthly rent payment into an escrow account if they have a legitimate complaint regarding the condition of the rental unit. The tenant and landlord must follow the outline in this section.

Legal Assistance

A list of agencies who offer assistance to families and individuals in need of help is provided. Please contact any of the agencies listed for specific eligibility requirements.


A landlord cannot refuse to make a reasonable accommodation in policy, practice, rule and/or service that will allow a person with a disability to fully use a rental unit. This section contains housing rights and advocacy organizations for accessible housing.

Is Your Landlord in Foreclosure?
If you are a tenant living in a residence in foreclosure, you have rights and options. Visit Save the Dream Ohio to learn more.

Links & Who to Call 
The list of contacts is provided to assist you in reaching the person that can address your particular problem or question.