First Offender's Program

The First Offender’s Program of the Housing Division of the Toledo Municipal Court is designed to assist eligible and approved parties to correct the conditions at their property which has brought them before the Court. Participants who successfully complete the program will have their cases dismissed by the Court and will avoid a criminal conviction in the matter.

Once a party is determined to be eligible* (see below), they are required to abide by the following conditions:

Program Rules

  1. Participant must own and live in the property.
  2. Participant must be recommended for review of eligibility by the Prosecutor who will refer parties to meet with a Housing Specialist.
  3. Participant’s criminal history will be checked for status as a first offender.
  4. Participant must agree to meet with the Housing Specialist at the property to review the City violation notice and to determine if any other exterior code violations exist.
  5. Participant and Housing Specialist will develop a “Compliance Contract” that will itemize the repairs, methods of funding these repairs and dates for completion of the repairs. Participant will sign the contract at this meeting.
  6. Participant must meet with a Housing Court Specialist regularly on the schedule set forth in the “Compliance Contract” to review the progress.
  7. Participant must immediately notify the Housing Court Specialist of any change in circumstances at the property including, but not limited to:
    • Moving out of property;
    • Bankruptcy filings;
    • Execution of land contracts/change of ownership;
    • Any new housing violation notices received from the City of Toledo;
    • Any new criminal conviction since signing contract;
    • Fire or other additional damage to the property;
    • Mortgage foreclosure.
  8. Participant must pay a non-refundable $50 fee within seven (7) calendar days after signing compliance contract.
  9. Participant agrees to complete the contract within a ninety (90) day period after paying program fee.
  10. If the participant fails to comply with the terms of the contract, the case will be returned to the regular criminal docket for handling by the Housing Court Judge.
  11. Individuals who are not eligible include anyone previously convicted of a criminal offense of a misdemeanor of the 4th degree or higher; defendants under the age of 21 with a juvenile record in the previous three years; persons with multiple misdemeanor convictions; individuals who have completed a similar diversion or first offender program; defendants with pending criminal charges (pending charges do not include any charges arising from the same incident); defendants with current cases under the supervision of the court (i.e., on probation); anyone who has had a criminal offense expunged; and defendants with case where restitution has not been resolved (restitution must be completed to be eligible).

* These are general guidelines to give an overview of the Housing First Offender Program (FOP). This information is NOT a guarantee of participation.

If you are interested in participating in this program, you are to advise the Housing Court Judge upon arraignment.