Placard Program

You may have spotted this bright orange sign on a property while driving through the city streets.  Since the Toledo Municipal Housing Court initiated its placard program in December of 2009, over 500 properties have bore this placard which states:


This property is scheduled for city demolition.
Trespassers found on this property may
be prosecuted under T.M.C. 541.05.
This property should be kept free of
debris and litter at all times.
If you find conditions that violate these terms,
please contact the Toledo Municipal
Housing Court at 419-245-3131
or the Department of Neighborhoods
at 419-936-2020

Judge Joseph J. Howe
Toledo Municipal Court
Housing Division

In the aftermath of the 2007-2008 housing crisis, many individuals who were cited into court owned property that was beyond repair for numerous reasons:  there may be a sizable lien on the property from an incomplete mortgage foreclosure rendering it unmarketable; the cost of repairs by far exceed the end market value; the vacant zombie property has been stripped and vandalized; or a fire may have damaged the uninsured property.

Many property owners cannot afford to hire a private demolition contractor and place their property on the city demolition list as a last resort.  The Housing Judge cautions the property owners that they have the on-going responsibility to keep the property clean and secure while awaiting demolition and that the demolition may occur later rather than sooner.  A placard is then placed on the property to provide the community with contact information to report violators.